Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The problem with keeping a blog....

is if you forget you are keeping it and get busy with life, then the blog fizzles out and dies a slow, and boring death.

I'm so sorry I haven't kept this up. Once fair season hit for me, I got side tracked and out of habit. Then it became fall, and I was busy selling Usborne Books...  No more excuses.

They say writing needs to be a habit, you should do it every day. It's true. When my blogging fell, my daily writing fell. And that's no good for a future great writer! Or a starting out writer! Or a professional writer.

So my apologies to those of you who do read my blog, I know there are at least two. :-D 

I am making a new year's resolution now to start the new year with better writing habits and in better shape. See, not only has my daily writing sucked, my exercise habits have too!  I plan to start the year with a bang, and make 2013 the luckiest year so far.  Granted, I am not a lucky person. However, I do create my own luck. And my success is not where I'm used to seeing it. Funny, it correlates with my effort.

I am already starting out the year with numerous author visits on my schedule, and totally excited! I love working with the students.

So here is to an amazing hump day! Put on a smile and get to work,