Thursday, April 26, 2012

Publishing meets Amazon

The second speaker for our conference was Marilyn Brigham, editor from Marshall Cavendish. It was very interesting hearing her speak, especially since they were just bought up by

Was she scared? At first. But she feels it is a good thing. And YES, they are still going to sell hard copies, as well as ebooks. Only the children's division was sold. She said Amazon is not getting their hands dirty in their day to day business, which is important, so you don't have to worry about the branding changing.

My favorite quote from her is:
"Take risks." She said that a lot. She wants writers to write what they want to write, and she wants to read it.

Important tidbits:

*Consistency. Very important in every genre. Don't start with a red car and end with it being blue, unless your MC paints it. If you have a rhythm, keep it. Don't change format, or voice. Keep it consistant.
*They do not buy board books
*They do not need picture books (but you can send them, just know it's a hard sell)
*Don't need Young Adult
*They want: Stand Alone Middle Grade Fiction!!!!!!!
*For chapter book series, they want a strong voice, strong character and strong hook

Writing is hard work!!!! (yes, yes it is. Actually the first draft is easy, it's the editing that I think is hard work, and making sure you let your MS simmer instead of sending it out right away).

And I will end with her quote:

"Take every chance you can get to get published!"
ie: Take risks!


  1. Good advice, and though I love picture books, I agree they are a hard sell. I might just have to work on those MG fictions stories I have twirling around in my head after teaching that age group.

  2. Love to write picture books, and have a few chapter books rolling around. I started writing those chapter books, need to finish and edit, revise, edit, polish, and send them out.

  3. They don't want picture books. My lips are turning down, just a wee bit. I think I'll still continue picture books. Although because of the chapter book challenge, I've got to know some really interesting characters who are waiting to have their say. Another great post. Thank you for including that last line again. TAKE RISKS!!! Will do!

    1. Places still buy Picture Books, you just have to find the right editor and publishing house. This publisher has a back log at this time. :-)