Monday, June 20, 2011

My First Reading!!!

At Usborne Books and More Convention in Paradise (Tulsa, OK), I got to see my book, "It's Almost Time" for the first time!!!!!

I sat down at lunch and Karen looks at me, "Your book looks great!"
"What, you saw my book? Where?"
"It's on the table, with the new books."

I made her hold my hand as I walked out to see it. There it was! My heart was thumping, I was a little jittery... the book is PERFECT!!! Illustrator Sarah Chalek is AMAZING. She really helped bring my story to life.

My editor, Kira Lynn, really knows how to make a story pop in a book. I love how she put Sarah and I together (even though Sarah and I didn't talk until after the illustrations were done.) Kira is a wonderful editor and should win awards for her vision!

See! I wrote that! It's got my name on it!

Everyone there was soo supportive and excited for me! Since the actual copies of the book are on a "slow boat from China" we didn't have copies for everyone. Two other Kane Miller authors were also there: "What Does the President Look Like?" By Jane Hampton Cook and "Rope 'Em" by Stacy Nyikos.

I did read it aloud  at the "Usborne Achievers" Friday night dinner among many of my friends and fellow team members. It was my FIRST public reading!!!!
Photo by Sarah Tucker

My friend Theresa Z held the book for me! I wore my shirt with clocks on it that I bought in the boys section of JcPenny's when I was school shopping for Alex. Both my boys and I each got one. I thought it would be fun for events. (I know, I'm a little cuckoo!)

Since we didn't have books to sign, I did get to sign posters! They are soo cute and say "It's Time to Read."  I went to set up and was going to go back in and listen to Jane speak, but I had someone who wanted my autograph! Yes! They wanted me to sign a poster for them. So I said "sure." Then I had two more people who stopped by. And then I got a line, and couldn't get away. LOL. I texted Theresa to come help me. I wasn't sure what I was doing, but I did OK.

Photo borrowed from Nancy Ann Wartman. I'm the one in the middle.
See! Line!

It was a great experience and I had so much fun. I even got to see a picture of my book on the big screen when Kira introduced the Fall line. She talked a bit about the importance of the illustrator, and I agree that with my book, the illustrator was key.

I can't wait until it comes out so I can begin sharing it, and teaching kids about writing!

Special thanks to my kids, Todd, Kira, Theresa, my parents, Sarah, and Ashley!


  1. You're so awesome, Debbie and your book is WONDERFUL! It's going to be a great read-aloud for homes and schools!!

  2. Go Debbie, it's your birthday! Well, close enough, it's your book's birthday! Congratulations! You are incredible, the book looks fabulous, and I can't wait to read it!

  3. Congratulations, I bet it was an incredible feeling. It's what we all aim for! Well done!