Thursday, June 2, 2011

I woke up and....

Due to my situation, I am not rereading my stuff. If it makes no sense, sorry.  :-)

It's a war zone. They keep locking everyone out of the Dunes, including residents. You can leave, but can't get back in until after hours. 6 today. I think I have someone bringing a work truck. We have about 4 more loads, but we keep finding more.

There is a mix of activity. Some people managed to get their whole homes moved. Others have a ton of friends or family nearby. I've had a few friends helping, and thank god for them. I feel bad asking people I don't know to help because there are still people out here with no one who can use them.  Some put everything up on the 2nd floor and said whatever.

If you are around and can volunteer, check out Siouxland Flooding on Facebook.

Some one can come pick you up, but you have to walk to the apartments. No worse then Saturday in the Park, and all flat.

It's so overwhelming. We have 5 piles:

1.) Take to our new home
2.) Storage
3.) Putting on the 2nd floor, and bagging... mainly games, plastic things, and things we won't be devastated if we lose.
4.) Donation... had this picked up yesterday. I do have another load, but it may just be gambled until after the flood.
5.) Trash.... lots of trash.... Our house needed a good cleaning, I just wish I could have done it one room at a time.

The cats have a home. Another Direct Sales Guru, Lisa from Pampered Chef is taking them. We've moved the cats 3 times now... We were going to try and keep them with us, but they wouldn't allow pets. Then I asked Pet Palace, and she was going to take them, but she's now in the flood zone. Then we called Dakota City, and were good, and now they may be in danger....

Sherlock is going to my cousin. It will be good for them, they are both bachelor's.

We keep finding stuff! Right now, if we have to evac ASAP, we won't overly cry. Still want to rip up carpet and take off stuff in the basement if we can, and the rooms are gross from all the hidden dust.
We have some furniture left, and made the decision on would we be devastated if we have to get new furniture.

Next step is to find someone to pull out the furnace, though it's 15 years old.... though the AC is only 5. Water heater is on debate....

I wish this upon no one. We are blessed to have warning.

I'll try to update later, but need to get back to packing! My office, wow! I've tossed so much. I think now I'm just going to pour directly into boxes. I don't care anymore!


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  1. Wow Debbie, I'm So sorry that you are all having to go through this! My prayers are with you. Glad you are all safe and together. xoxo Ilya