Sunday, July 31, 2011

My accident

Everyone wants to know what happened. Here is a quick overview. I'll try to write more later.

I was on my way to the Plymouth County Fair to work driving on HWY 75. It's 55mph. At about 44th there is an intersection that has one of those caution lights, and a stop sign for drivers trying to cross. You can not see if anyone is in that intersection (I checked when I rode with my husband later to see if I missed something or could have done anything different).

She must have felt she could make it, or wanted to play frogger. Not sure what she did, but it sounds like she stopped then went, instead of looking both ways.

I saw a sudden white object to the side of me, and we collided. I remember veering off the rode towards the ditch and seeing a huge pole, trying to stop before I hit it. Luckily I stopped in front of it, took out some other stuff on the way though.

She jumped out of her car, dazed and said, "I'm not getting along with my parents right now, I'm sorry," and disappeared. She must work at the Ickey Nickel which was over there. Some guy was on the phone, I asked if he was calling "911" because I couldn't remember how to. dial Then I called Todd. The guy on the phone worked with the girl in the Mustang that hit me. He said "she stopped."

Well, it's good to stop, but you need to look both ways too.

She was bleeding from her face. But refused treatment.

Todd told them to take me away, and so I hate a nightmare ride (probably worse for the paramedics then me) in an ambulance as I screamed at them to take me off the board. :-) Man, that thing sucks!!!! I'll write more later but need to get ready for the fair.

I'm a little sore today, but not too bad. Thank God for seatbelts and airbags.

Thank you to everyone for your worries!



  1. *the intersection is 41st and Hwy 75 (the entrance to Icky Nickel)

  2. Im glad that you were not severly hurt. Anymore news on where your going to go next with this? Im glad that she stopped or it probably could have been way worse.

  3. Hi Danielle--
    I've emailed the city, but it doesn't look like they feel it's a dangerous intersection.

    She didn't stop, she was also in the ditch and her car was totaled. Not fun. :-(

    I'm also glad no one was hurt. It could have been worse.