Saturday, July 23, 2011

Long time, no write... the flood continues

OK, I have no real good excuse, I've just been overwhelmed. :-) We spent the last week trying to see if we could fill in where the water creeps up from the ground in our basement. It looked as if it was holding, but today the water was back.

I feel like we are losing to the river. It's looking like maybe November until we will actually move back by the time the water goes down, everything dries out and when get the house put back together. In the meantime, we get to move to the apartments closer to my home.

Anyway, life is keeping me crazy busy. Unfortuantely, this is not helping my writing much. I plan to jump back into it as soon as I hit post as my husband is at work....  and the boys are happy on the computer.

OK, countdown:

3 - 2 - 1

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