Friday, July 1, 2011

Pelting Beads at bystanders... SITP

Through all that is happening, life goes on. One yearly Sioux City tradition is Saturday in the Park. It's become a 3 day event with a Mardi Gras Gala on Thursday, Big Parade on Friday, and free concert in the park on Saturday with always a great line-up:

This year we rode the Saturday in the Park float (we have a few connections). I'm thinking this is a new family tradition. Because Alex doesn't like too many people, he rode in the air conditioned Semi that pulled the float. Of course, there ended up being 5 kids and 1 adult, so it was a little crowded. But he had fun.

The rest of us rode on a huge trailer with different platforms so we could pelt throw beads at the crowd. Our float had a massive number of beads, over $1000 worth, to throw out. That's a lot of beads. And we threw with passion. I did pelt a few people (accidently), but my goal was to find who didn't have a ton of beads and throw them that way.

Of course, as the parade went on, I began to realize those without a bunch of beads were putting them in bags or hiding them, so people would feel sorry for them and throw more.

There was something very thrilling about having something everyone wanted (beads) and having the power to give. It was impressive to see how many were caught in the air. Others landed at feet.

Tomorrow will be a fun day of music, really hot sun, friends, and the Sponsor Tent which is where I like to hang out, behind the stage. If you live in or near Sioux City, you really need to come. It's a fun time. Bring lots of money for great food!

OK, off to bed after a crazy day!

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