Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why do you write?

The other day I volunteered in my son's classroom. While there, the teacher talked about books, and asked the question:

"Why does a writer write?"

It was fun listening to the kids responses.

"Authors write to give information."
"Authors write to teach you something."
"They want to tell a story."

The teacher had one word she was looking for, but none of the kids picked it.

She held up books like "Nate the Great," "Fly Guy," and some other FUN books!

She was looking for, "Writer's write to entertain."

I write because I have a story inside I have to share. I want to share an experience, make people laugh, make them cry. But I want to bring them into this world that exists in my head.

So this leaves me with two questions:

Why do you write?
And of course, why do you read?


  1. I write because I have something to say or a story to tell and it's reached the point when it simply cannot live in my head any longer. Even if it's a piece just for me, it has to be put on paper.

    And I read for all the reasons you write! I want to experience a new world. I want to laugh and cry, celebrate and mourn with characters. I want to be whisked away, fall in love, run for my life, invent a new gadget... all the things those characters can do. I want to live vicariously through them. =)

  2. Great questions, Debbie! I read because I absolutely must - I have it ingrained in me to seek out alternate worlds and other realities, to step for a time into the mind of someone else. It gives relief, amusement, emotion, and perspective, among many other things. I live by reading.

    I also create life by writing. It is a pleasure and a privilege and a torment and a fate - I must do it, or the worlds and people and stories inside me die stillborn. I know that sounds a little dramatic, but I tried for years to deny it and it just won't be denied. My writing is the most intensely selfish thing I do - because I write for me and tell stories that are passionately important to me! And it's also selfless, because I want so very much to touch others with the stories, to reach into their consciousness and make a flicker of recognition there. That, for me, is what a good story does, whether it's a picture book or a stage play.

    I had no idea I had this "I Have a Dream" inside my head! Your son's teacher had a pretty terrific topic - thanks again for sharing it!

    Not Anonymously yours,
    Melissa Kelley (melissaK)

  3. I am very much like Lissa, although I wish there was a notepad and pen around when stories start popping into my head or and idea or sentence.... usually happens when in the car or falling asleep. As for reading yes very much like lissa I read to transport myself to another world.