Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How Selling Books Makes Me a Stronger Writer

Many of you already know that I am a consultant with Usborne Books and More. I love it. My passions are reading books, writing books, and selling books! When I can include my children into the mix, I'm in heaven. :-)  Shameless Plug:

I started selling Usborne 5 years ago because I wanted all the books. The discount was a huge incentive. Before I knew it, I was promoting to leadership and earning a trip to Alaska. At this time, I was not doing a ton of writing because of the kids. I loved that I could involve them in my business. I didn't really think it would make me a stronger writer, or lead to my first published book.

Being surrounded by books and wanting to know my product, I've read, and read and read! Many of the books are award winners, so I've been able to see what works. Reading in classrooms to kick-off book fairs let me see how kids respond to books, what they like, and what goes flat.

Even helping customers find books for their children, and especially helping children find books, has been invaluable. I get to see how they interact with the books. What makes them say "yes!" and what makes them say, "no..." I also learned that finding the perfect book is a very personal process. What one person loves, another is not so interested in. There are certain traits you see in kids that makes them want certain books. Covers are very important, as is word count. For some kids, the thicker the better. I am seeing that as a trend.

It's very interesting to see how parents often steer a child towards, or away, from a book. Very rarely do you see a parent anymore who says, "Whatever you want!" Though you do see some, and I love them. And there are times I want to strangle new moms who say, "My child is too young for books." 

And then there are the moms who say, "My child is too old for books. They don't have time to read with sports and video games."  grrrrrrrrr

I also learn what's missing in the bookfield. That has led to some great manuscripts, including the one that was published.

Usborne Books is offering a $29 Sign On Special during February. You get 8 Usborne and Kane Miller Books, plus office supplies. You can find out more here if you are interested:
Usborne Books Opportunity

I am also doing an informational call about what Usborne is, and what is involved tonight. If you are interested, let me know.

I realize not everyone wants to sell books, or has the time. If you don't, spend a day at a local bookstore watching kids shop. You will learn so much about what they want, what appeals to them, and why.

What do your kids look for in a book?

Happy Book Loving!



  1. What an amazing opportunity to read more books! And I can't believe parents saying their kids are too old for books!

  2. Sounds like you really get hands on experience of what kids like as well as what's out there. What a great situation to be in!

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