Sunday, June 26, 2011

The flood continues

More on the Missouri River Flood and the internal feelings of a homeless author....

I live in a cloud... Some days are great, and I feel motivated and as if nothing is happening. The days it rains, however, are the hardest....

If you've never been ripped from your home (OK, the word ripped is slightly dramatic, but I want to keep you interested)...where was I?

Yes, If you've never been ripped from your home, it's hard to relate to how you feel being a nomad. Though we have a house to stay in, it's not ours. I can't paint the drab walls a bright pink (not that I ever would, but even if I wanted to, it would not be in my best interest). I can't hang pictures. I'm afraid to mess up the place since we'll be gone soon. I can't have my pets here. I'm nervous to cook as then I have to clean the stove... (not that I cook anyway, but if I wanted to.)

In August we head to the apartments which are closer. (I told myself I'd never live in an apartment again).  The apartment is a little smaller, so I have to widdle (is that a word, I like it so I dont care) through what we have here to fit it in. But at least we'll have a pool.

The worst is still missing the pets....
Since I don't have our server, I'm missing some pics, so here is Sherlock when he was cute. Oh, he's still cute, but there is something about a puppy.

I also miss the cats...

My motivation is teetered. I know I need to get focused. Fair season is around the corner. and I get to see all my amazing Usborne Books customers. My book is coming out. I have manuscripts in lots of different stages of dress, none ready to emerge into the light...

This being positive thing is hard when it really matters... but I am working on it.

  • I have my family
  • I have my health
  • My home is not ruined (and really is only in danger for basement water)
  • My parents now have a swimming pool in their basement.
  • We only have 2 to 6 months before we can go home....
  • I have my important materialistic items
  • I have amazing friends
It's a new week! Time to get back on the track. Choo-choo!


  1. Keep your chin up. I hope you can get back into your home sooner than later!

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