Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Devastation is what you make it....

I am homeless. My house may be damaged. I am without my dog and cats. My life is in upheaval....

I am with my family, and creating a new temporary home. I have two bathrooms and am safe. A house can be repaired. My pets are alive. No one is hurt. The end will come sooner then later...

After attending convention and hearing amazing speakers, including Heather Cobb, a young cancer survivor, and Cheli Porter, who experienced a loss so tragic I can't even type it without bursting into tears... my biggest nightmare, to lose my children.... And after driving past Joplin, and after knowing that others live in their own bad dreams..... Mine is not so bad.

Life is really what you make it. Everything happens to grow us stronger, to make us reconnect with the things that are most important.

I have my first book coming out! I will write soon about my first autograph session, even if it was just really cool posters, but there is so much that is good. I almost didn't go to convention because of a detour. I was sad, tired exhausted, mentally unstable, and didn't want to leave in case something happened. But nothing would change, and there was no reason to stay.

I'm so glad I went. I was meant to be there. The speakers all spoke to me.

Anyway, off to bed, but keeping my eye on the new flooring I'm going to get when this all blows over!



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