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Thank you for coming to visit me on the Blog Hop Tour. The other day, Christine Irvin, invited me to join her on a hop across the web.

It's now my turn to answer 3 simple (or are they really simple) questions.

1.) What am I working on:

What a great question! Thank you so much for asking. I'm happy to answer. I've had some great and fun picture books babbling out of my mind onto paper in coherent fashion! This doesn't happen often. One is about a boy who would rather be an animal. Very funny, if you don't mind my saying. The other is about a Hug... but not too quiet of a book, with some humor and a nice "ahhh" twist at the end.

I'm also taking a class with Anastasia Suen on writing Chapter Books. So I will start delving into that area again soon. I'm thinking of regurgitating my Eugene into a Chapter Book. He stars in a picture book, but seems to transition well to a little more complex plot.

And of course, I'm always going back and editing my works that need to polish. I tend to bake them, then pull them out after a few months to see if anything new pops out that can be better.

 2) How does your writing process work?
I'm not a good one to schedule. I'll mope that I'm not writing, then remember Jane Yolen's BIC (But in Chair). So I'll sit down and stare at the screen, then try to write. Sometimes something comes out, sometimes not. If I can't get the whole story out in one sitting, it often will sit or be deleted to try again. My best stories flow from start to finish. This doesn't mean they are great, but the arc and storyline are in place, and I can edit from there.

But usually what happens is I have a great idea, and it marinates for a bit, then I have to get it out! I'll sit down and type it on my computer or Ipad. For example, I was at my son's swim lessons and was bit by the bug and started writing (nope, not about swimming). But I was able to get the whole picture book out, and it's getting amazing feedback.

Sometimes I write an outline on my phone if I'm not at a place to write.

Often if I can't focus, I pick up my computer and move to a different location. I like windows. It feels like the story can float to me from the sky.

Once a story is written, I put it away for a few days, then pull it out. If I still like it, I edit it. Then put it away. I work on it about a week, then lock it up in a tower for a few months. If I'm really excited about it, I send it to my critique group. But I do like to put my stories away, then pull them back out.

 3) Who are the authors you most admire?
I have so many that I admire! I admire different authors for different things.

My favorite story of all times to read to my kids is still "I Stink" by Kate McKullan.  It's just got this incredible voice to it. I also have a thing for "Big Hungry Bear"  by Don and Audrey Wood.

Jez Alborough is the king of rhythm and rhyme. And he can illustrate. That is one area I lack in.

And Lucy Maud Montgomery stole my heart with "Anne of Green Gables".

Jill Esbaum and Linda Skeers are also close to my heart, since I got to hang out with them for a picture book retreat last year, and they are always so positive.

Alice McGinty is another amazing author who writes from the heart. I loved listening to her, and still need to blog about how amazing this person is.

I guess when it comes down to it, I admire all authors. In fact, I admire anyone who takes their passion and shares it with others.

Keep Hopping!!!

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  1. Nice blog! I love the pics you put with it!

  2. Hi, Debbie! I love your Blog Hop content. Cute! And it's so nice to learn about my writing friends!

  3. Thanks for sharing. It's fun to learn a little bit more about you. The two things that really got my attention, well actually there's' three. I forgot about Froggie - I have a thing for frogs and turtles, and your book-reading frog stole my heart. Okay, now back to the two things. 1) Only a children's book writer would lock her stories up in a tower :-) 2) I agree with the practice of picking up your computer and moving to another place when you can't focus. Good tip.