Sunday, June 5, 2011

Flood update... we got "kicked" out.

We are now in our new temporary home. It’s not too bad. We are lucky to have housing. Many of our friends have left town to move in with family or are staying in dorms. The pets are doing well. Sherlock is hanging out at the pool at my cousins. And the cats are getting lots of love from their temporary family. It’s nice being next door to my parents. My mom is very emotional, and it’s hard.
We got the "knock" on Friday, and were told to get out by Midnight. We could have stayed, but once you drove out you could not get back in. We were out of there by 10:30. I just couldn't do anymore. That is my home, and I wanted more time to sandbag and protect it. Now it's in God's hand.
I’m not angry, I’m just sad. But as my husband says, home is where your family is and as long as we are together, that’s all that matters.

Billy said to my mom that as long as we are together, that is all that matters and the rest is just stuff. He’s pretty wise for a 7 year old. This from a child who 2 years ago thought it was the end of the world when a baby bird fell out of his nest.

I’m pretty exhausted. I have very little sleep. Today I got a Tetanus shot, so I think that may be wearing on me too.

The boys room is set up though, and they are actually happy. To be a child again…

I’ll work to update, but Internet is hard to come by right now.

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