Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Flood...

My stomach clenches every few minutes as I think of what to do tomorrow. A normal day would involve checking email, hanging with my family, writing, and thinking about cleaning. The last few days have been turmoil, fear, anxiety, confusion, a big bubble.

I wake up each morning thinking the river is closer, are they going to force us out? What can I pack? What don't I care about? Are my kids mentally OK.

Friday we had an email to come sandbag, our area would get some water. Saturday I sandbagged, and was told, your basement will flood. As more news kept coming, and each email kept giving worse information, I found myself in a neighborhood full of traffic with vans, trailers, storage pods, anything people could get their hands on to get out of the neighborhood. Were we being naive? Do we need to get out? By Monday, we realized "yes" pack it up, move what we can't get out to 2nd floor, try to seal what we can to avoid mold, and pray.

Today we managed to get a horse trailer and some friends and workers to help us. We have spent a ton of money trying to get the house prepped, and the flood hasn't even started yet. My legs ache from climbing stairs, and I feel like I was hit by a truck.  And we have no flood insurance because we weren't in a flood zone and were told not to get it.

The mental anguish is the worse, where to stay, what to do? We did find a place, it's a duplex and my parents are taking one half, we the other. It needs curtains, but at least we have space and won't be stuck in a hotel... though the pool and hot tub sound really good right now.

It's one thing to watch this on the news, it's a totally different fear to be here, in it. Your home is something you build up. Sure, it's just stuff, but you want to protect it.

The worst is my pets. I'll have to split them up since our place won't take pets. It tears me up. I try not to cry at all, but every so often it just starts. I'm scared, but grateful for amazing friends.

A big trailer just went by, full of sand probably. They are trying to build us a wall. Huge helicopters drop giant sand bags from the sky. Want to come visit me, you need an ID to get in, and will wait an hour or longer just to get through the line....

Here is one facebook pic:

I still need to get out my camera.

Thanks for reading. Don't feel bad for me. It's just stuff. But I thought I'd let you in my head.


  1. I'll hope the flood doesn't go as high as is expected and that your stuff is safe.

  2. Wow. God bless. I hope things get back to normal for you as soon as possible.