Monday, May 16, 2011

Random Picture of a Cat / Endeavour Space Launch / and Character Development

First off, I'd like to start with a random picture of a cat:

This is Molly when she was just a little kitten
 OK, I came across that pic and had to share. She is much bigger, and brattier now. She came from a farm, and loves to explore the outdoors. One day I want to put a camera around her neck so I can see what she does when she goes hunting....

Now that I shared a random picture... did you watch the Shuttle Launch?

I had the live feed on. When I saw it was launching at 7:56, I realized my poor son would be on the bus. So I made a parenting decision to make my husband drive them to school, AND allow them to be a little late. There was something really intimate about watching all 3 of my boys sitting on the couch, watching the computer screen, listening to every word as the shuttle prepared for it's lift off. I joined them around take off, and we all had one of those special bonding moments you read about, or see in old TV movies.

Normally, I hate for my kids to be late. But I felt this was an experience you could really only experience as the clock ticked down. It was a character driven decision for me based on my son. It was really important to him to see this, and as a parent who wants what's best for my kids, I made a decision slightly out of character for me, but driven towards my love and his needs.

One thing I can't stand is when I read, or watch a movie, and a decision is so plot driven. The answer is so obvious, but yet, the characters do everything to step around it so the plot can move on.

Watch what you do, and others around you, in every day life to help you develop your own characters. And notice when you go out of character too, what causes you to do that, and what happens because of it.

That's all I have for now. I really hope you enjoyed my random picture.


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