Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm Back! London.

I've been back a few days, and wanting to write, but jet lag and a newly caught cold have kept my coherent thoughts from finding a screen. :-)

London and Edinburgh will definately come out in ways in my writing, as they have that way about them. I'm going to break up the trip for your reading pleasure, starting with London.

All I can say is "WOW!"

First, let me start out by saying I am really lucky. I work in a business where I can earn trips all over the world. Thanks to Usborne Books I've travelled to Rome, Alaska, Hawaii, and now London and Edinburgh. (Just for doing something I love, which is encouraging reading).

I took my mom with me on the trip. We haven't had a trip since I was 16 and we went to New York for a Broadway and shopping spree, and it was fun. We didn't kill each other, but I'm glad to have my space now. :-)

London was amazing. You have to visit! Besides all the "royalty," the city just has class. It's so much older then the states. And everyone is really nice. London is a melting pot of tons of different cultures and people. It reminds me of "New York" but it's different.

I loved mastering the "tube," as a way to get all around the town. The double decker buses were fun too! And of course, the taxi was nothing like a taxi here. First, they are black, and very clean! You jump in and there is a ton of leg room. The seats are basically where the trunk is. On the back of the driver's seat are two chairs that pull down.

We saw a ton of things from palaces to castles, even street bums hanging out by London Bridge! But the city was CLEAN. And I mean CLEAN.

Of course we were there the week before the wedding, and they were decorating the town with flags. It didn't really affect us though.

I got to visit "The Globe" (which is a working theatre inspired by the Globe) and learned more about Shakespeare in that hour then I ever did in school, or by running the outdoor Shakespeare Co. Shakespeare is meant to perform outdoors, during the day. This was to save on lighting costs, as candles were pricey. It is written for many classes, which is one reason it is soo confusing. You have a sonnet for the Royals, and a crude joke for the working class. Admission cost 1/12 of one day's work, and that was to stand in the pit. The boxes were more expensive, and the seats behind the stage were the most important because you were there to be seen, not to see a play.

Plays back then were meant to be heard, so blocking was very different.

Big Ben was Big, but I thought it would be more then it was. Great expectations. :-) Press was everywhere! That was one thing the wedding did bring. I plan to go back to London to spend more time. We were not there nearly long enough, and there is so much to do and explore.

My Mom's highlight of course was Harrod's, where you could find 4000 pound shoes (about $6500), all the name brands, crystal chandalliers, gourmet food, restaurants on every floor, and a Pet Spa, plus everything else under the sun.

And we can't forget having tea!

This is a very concise summary of my trip to London! But if I am ever given a chance to spend time living there, I think I'd take it. There is so much to experience. It was smashing!

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  1. It sounds like you had a terrific trip, Debbie. Thanks for writing about it. Brenda