Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Author Visit time!

Next week starts a wave of author visits. I'm really excited! I've spent the last week preparing for them, and updating my website.

In the next two months I get to visit:

North Sioux City, SD!
I will be meeting with schools, preschools and homeschool students!

Plus you'll find me at the Sioux City Homeshow.  So I have a busy schedule.

The good thing about being busy is I am most productive when I have a lot going on. If I have large chunks of unused, and unscheduled time, I tend to grab a book. Reading is fabulous, but I dive in head first and take my whole body with me. You see me about a week after I have finished the book (and I often finish in a day or two). But I'm mentally wrapped around the story, characters and setting... at least if the book is any good.

I spent January revisiting some old favorites including "The Princess and the Goblin" and "The Secret Garden."

I have no exciting message or moral to leave you with today. Just know that what you do today will impact your life. It may not be tomorrow. It may not be next week. But if you make an effort to do something great, you will see the rewards.

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  1. Author visits are the best. So much fun! I hope you have a blast!