Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"April Fool, Phyllis," An Interview with a Book.

From the LaCroix Family Home:

I'm here with Phyllis! Phyllis is the star of "April Fool, Phyllis" written by Susanna Leonard Hill and illustarted by Jeffrey Ebbeler.

When Phyllis first got here, she told me "I need to rest." So she found a pillow and took a nap. She woke up in time for a bedtime story with Billy. Then she cuddled up on her own and went to sleep.

When I asked her for an interview, she told me play first, talk later.

After she played, she made new friends.

Then, she finally agreed to an interview with Sherlock (above).

So Phyllis, tell me, what is it like to be a travelling book?

It's great! I'm going all over the world visiting different families, states and countries! It's wonderful to see how much fun a book have!

Why April Fool's Day when there are so many holidays?
Because it's my favorite. There is nothing better then a laugh. I like to have fun. And it's great that no one knows if you are telling the truth that day.

Tell me about the Scavenger Hunt in the book.
Every year we get to go on one. I love looking at clues and finding the treasure. Don't you think the treasure in this book is worth waiting for?

I do Phyllis!

So Sherlock, tell me what you liked about the book.

Wait, I thought I was the one asking questions.

Yes, yes you were. Now I am. Really, it's been a long trip, and I want to know.

Well, I loved the way everyone worked together to prank each other, and how they all ended up being the fool. And I loved the Scavenger Hunt. I have to admit, some of the clues really had me, they were good! I think all families will want to read this again and again, all months of the year.

Why thank you Sherlock.

Thank you Phyllis for visiting us!

There you have it! Don't you love how polite she is? She is now off to the East Coast for the next part of her tour!


  1. Loved the interview...very cute. Also, I like how Phyllis took over. She is becoming quite bold with all her worldly experiences. Thanks for sharing Phyllis's visit.

  2. Oh, this is wonderful Debbie! :) I love all Phyllis's new friends (especially Sherlock!) and the interview was terrific, especially when she turned it around on him - which she SO would do :) If she invites that bison to visit, I'm going to need a bigger back yard :) Thank you SO very much for having her! I love how everyone keeps coming up with new and different ideas of how to post her visits! Very creative! Thanks again, and to Billy!

  3. This was fun! The bison wants to read the story, too. Can't say that I blame him.

  4. What a creative interview Phyllis!

  5. Lots of fun, Debbie! I love her new friends!

  6. HA! I like "Play first, talk later"!! :)

  7. It looks like Phyllis had a fabulous time!

  8. An interview with Phyllis. What a brilliant idea!! Where were these statues?

    1. They are at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center in Sioux City, IA. Right along the path Lewis and Clark walked with their own two feet! ;-)