Sunday, September 1, 2013

Twitter, Facebook and Social Media, Oh My!

I'm on Twitter. Yes, I am. I probably shouldn't be, I'm the worst at tweeting. But I do follow some amazing authors, editors and agents, and find I get lots of great tips.

I blog. Well, I attempt to. I could do so much better if I remembered my password more often.

But Facebook, that's an addiction! The amount of time I'm on Facebook more then makes up for the time I'm not on Twitter, blogging, linkedn and all that other stuff I keep getting invites for.

Facebook can be great! I'm part of a few amazing submission group, some great author tip groups, some literacy groups, a few swap groups, some Usborne Books groups. The best part is reading my friend's feeds and finding out what great (and sometimes sad) things are happening in their lives. I have to remind myself, though, that commenting on FB is not the same as picking up the phone.

I used to be addicted to Candy Crush, but finally stopped, cold turkey. That game sucked so many hours from my writing, reading and editing.  That is an example of bad Facebook. Bad, bad, bad.

My favorite part about Facebook is when someone Likes my post, or even better, they comment! Someone noticed me! ;-)

I've gotten a lot of great things from Facebook... I've met new and amazing people, and can even say I'm "friends" with some very important people, have been able to help other start their own Usborne Books business because they don't think it's fair I'm having fun without them, booked author visits, gotten motivation, found out about great events and opportunities like PiBoMo and 12 x 12. 

What is your favorite form of social media and why? Have you made any magical connections that changed your life?

And for anyone who wants to know how to find me on Social Media, here you go:

Twitter, author: @Littledebbiel
Twitter, Usborne: @usbornebooks
Facebook, Author:
Facebook, Usborne:

Have a great long weekend!



  1. Mine is Facebook first with about 15 different groups, then Twitter where I do a lot of retweets, then Pinterest and Linkedin. When you add my blog and my writing, it's a wonder I have time for my DAY

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