Thursday, January 5, 2012

Comment Challenge!

I am pleased to announce I am joining the Comment Challenge!

I love reading other's blogs, and it's a great opportunity for me to get to know some knew people, and hopefully I can share some new thoughts and ideas with you.

Today I volunteered at my son's school. I found myself talking to students interested in art about my book, and what goes into illustrating a book.

I said, "I'm an author, I can't draw, but I paint pictures with words."

I'm going to challenge myself to do some painting while I blog the next few weeks.

Today's picture:

Where normally the ground is covered in glistening white, it is replaced with a matted brown carpet. The sun beats down, warming the ground. Step outside. The smell of fresh air, lingering leaves and dirt invites you to begin the walk. The walk, that on any normal January day in South Dakota, would involve bulky snow pants, the heaviest snow jacket you own, itchy wool gloves, a warm fuzzy hat, and your favorite scarf. Enjoy the sunshine.


  1. Hi Debbie -- I just thought I'd take the time (get it?) to stop by your blog and say hello! I joined the comment challenge too.

  2. Good to hear your joining the Comment Challenger....see you there... love your blog btw.