Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Online Classes

I've been looking at taking an online class to help with my writing and motivation. I have a few I keep coming back to. I'm always looking for a way to improve my writing and learn more.

One that I am looking very closely at is Anastasia Suen's course. I think it is a great price point.

So I asked around. I hope they help if you are exploring this options. It looks like most people are happy with the classes they took.

Have you taken a class? Who did you take from? What did you learn? Anything you'd do differently?

Here are some comments from the 12x12x12 group:
Posted with permission.

 I've taken "Just Write for Kids," an eight-lesson online/home study course in writing picture books that covers everything from getting ideas and characterization to plot arcs and revision. I found it very valuable, and consult the lessons regularly when I'm working on any writing project.

I took the beginning and advanced courses at the Institute of Children's Literature and would highly recommend both. I also took an online course with Jordan Rosenfeld last winter and highly recommend her.

ICL course - as S has mentioned. I know several instructors and former instructors personally, too - and they are great writers. I also applied for (and am the current 2012 winner/recipient) of my state's SCBWI Mentorship (Wisconsin). The experience is absolutely fantastic thus far and I'm not even a month into it! My mentor, Lisa Moser, is a fantastic person and writer who is teaching me so much about writing and the business/industry side of things.

I also took a travel writing course through Writers Digest University online. It was ok. But really it was no more than a guided critique group. I think if you are lucky enough to find a couple people who are goal oriented and want to journey with you, you could go through a book together and get just as much out of it w/o the $$$ hhhmmmmm.....


  1. Good blog with some interesting and though provoking guestions!

  2. I have to echo MP's comment above - my own SCBWI mentorship (through SCBWI Nevada) was a wonderful education, a hands-on revision of my novel... And I do think attending conferences and getting the professional manuscript critiques there is well worth it!
    Thanks for sharing, and thanks as well for being part of the 2012 Comment Challenge!
    Keep on commenting,

    1. Thanks Lee! And I third. I attended SCBWI in Iowa last spring and it was wonderful. I can't wait to go again. :-)