Thursday, February 28, 2013

What to Expect at an Author Visit with Debbie!

If you've never hosted an author, it may seem a little overwhelming. Today's Blog is about what you can expect if you bring me to your school.

For starters, my book contains a ton of Onomatopoeia. So be prepared to watch the students turn from children into 20 -500 ticking clocks. But don't worry, the change is only temporary, though it may last for a few weeks.

When I come visit, I customize my presentation for your school and class. The teachers have the opportunity to give input on what they would like to see. I have included many topics from research to editing to coming up with ideas, to writing with description. I also have a list of suggested workshops I offer.  I work with children as young as 4 and up to high school.

For preschoolers, they get to learn about what an author does and how a book goes from an idea to words on a page into the bound hard copy they see before them. We end with an interactive reading of the book, and if we have time, I let the kids ask questions (which often involves them telling me about the clocks in their home.) It's OK, I understand. :-) These presentations are shorter then my regular presentation and last 20 minutes

For the older kids, we get into more detail! I share with them more information on the process, what it's like to work with (and trust) and illustrator to make your vision come alive, editing and how important it is. I have found that all ages love a reading of the book, and that some of the best clocks are my 5th graders. I always end with questions.

I like to spend 45 minutes with my older students.  For the Kindergartners, I find that 30 minutes is a good time. (Please help them prepare questions before).

If you prefer an all school assembly, I can spend the rest of the day visiting with smaller groups and doing writing workshops.

Visiting with students is one of my favorite parts about being an author! You can learn more at:

Let me know if you have any questions,


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