Saturday, February 19, 2011

7 boys and 1 girl

Besides a "wannabee" author, I'm a mom. Mom first!

My son is in DI (Destination Imagination). He's not very athletic, he's not very musical, he's not very, well, social. But he loves DI. Use your brain to solve problems, right up his ally.

We had practice at our house.

There are 6 in the group. Then one of the kids has a brother my youngest's age, so I said "bring him." There is only one poor girl, but she is doing fine.

When one of the boys came in, he was very fascinated by the house. I was watching him. He came in and looked around, looked up, looked through doors. Then he slowly took his time walking to where the other kids were, looking at everything from the Mantal, to what was on the walls. He was breathing in and experiencing a new place. It was very fascinating to see this, and I tried to put myself in his mind.

What was he thinking, experiencing. Why did this house fascinate him. What was the most exciting to the kids?

All the kids were fascinated by the pets (1 dog, 2 cats and 2 birds), the little mini fountain, and the marble clock.

I try to watch everything around me to learn more, and then apply that information to my characters.

My first book, the characters are simply clocks. My job was to explore the clocks. Become the clocks. Recreate the clocks. :-)

Time to check on the kids. They are not getting much done.


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