Friday, February 18, 2011

Intro from a nobody!


I'm Debbie, and I'm an author.

So you probably haven't heard of me, unless you are family, or a friend who is on Facebook and pretty bored, but that's OK. You will. Well, you're here!

I have been posting my journey to Facebook, in code, because I don't really want people to know about every detail of my writing life, but I do like to keep people in the loop. OK, I think everyone wants to know what I'm up to (JK). So I thought I'd keep a blog for the two or three, well, maybe one of you who is interested. (OK, recommending "My Sister is a Pop Star" by Kimberly Greene! If you've read it, you'll get the connection on the "one fan". Really fun series for middle schoolers that focuses on a quiet almost teen who loves to write and blog and is obsessed with horses...she (the author) so could have written the book about me, except I don't have any older sisters who can sing. Anyway, love the author and you will to.)
My blog, I can ramble if I want.

I've always loved to write. I've had an overactive imagination since I can remember. My gift is I can see things that are not there. Freaky huh? I see my stories. I see others stories. When I read, I become the story (don't interupt me when I have a book!) I actually had to stop reading when I had kids because books are such an addiction, and well, my kids needed their mommy.

I've always written. I've also always been dramatic, and have done a lot of theatre. One of my favorite memories growing up with doing a sort of reader's theatre with my dad. My teacher had us come in and team read to the class. We always did the voices. My dad read to me every night since I can remember. And he still would. Actually, sometimes he does. Be it a fun book he is reading, or one of my manuscripts he's trying to helpfully critique without hurting my feelings. You'll love my dad.

I majored in Journalism, broadcast TV and Radio.
I also sell kids books, which fits so nicely into my passion.

Anyway, my first book is coming out in June or July, and I'm working on some others, which have yet to be bought, some yet to be written. Though I've had some very nice rejection letters.

Feel free to join me, follow my brainstorming as I research ducks and magicians to rewrite a rejected manuscript, and delve into my past and future for another book which I have outlined.
Get a sneak peak into what may or may not become a published book in the future.
Or enjoy a book or article I've found that I want to share.

This is my dream. I'm going to make it come true.

Thanks for reading!



  1. 8-)
    You are an amazing person. Small in stature means nothing; you have the heart & strength to a giant! I'm beyond proud of you for following through on this dream. No one with the guts to stick with a dream is a nobody. I hope you've saved every rejection letter; they are simply stones along the path to your achievement.

  2. Thanks! You are awesome. :-D I know to many people I am somebody, and to me I am somebody. Big hugs!