Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Book

One of the cool things about Blogger, is I can look at my stats and see if I'm being googled. :-)
I've noticed Debbie LaCroix Book has been a popular search term. I'm creating BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

So let's talk about MY BOOK!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I'm so totally off my chair jumping and bouncing excited about it that I wish I could talk about it 22 hours a day and dream about it the other 2. However, it STILL doesn't come out until the "Fall" which should be July, but could be August, though the Fall is more September....

SO WHERE IS IT? My amazing editor (she is really wonderful) told me they saw the final proofs a few weeks ago! That means even if I wanted to make a change (which it was out of my hands many, many, many months ago) I can't.

I do know that it will be on a boat coming across the ocean in June, which is when Usborne Books & More convention is. Why is that important? Kane Miller publishing was bought by Usborne Books CEO Randall White. What is Usborne Books?
(Skip this paragraph if you have no desire to learn more)
You don't know? They are like the most amazing children's books out there! Usborne Books offers books from 0 to 16 in every subject imaginable. The books are "edible" in that a child really WANTS to read, touch, hug, chew, and love them. They are the front runners in making books FUN! Usborne Books & More are sold through bookstores and consultants (No Amazon.) Consultants host in home parties (like Pampered Chef, but way cooler), work with schools, lead reading incentive programs, offer grant programs, work with libraries... It's a pretty cool sales force of 10,000 women and men. If you are interested in learning how to make money selling books, visit My Site and drop me a line, or contact your friendly Usborne Consultant. if they were nice enough to send you here. It's pretty fun and a great way to study literature while getting paid.;-)

So back to Convention. That is where the Usborne sales force meets to look at the new titles that come out in July, celebrate, learn sales tips, meet authors (Jane Hampton Cook is visiting this year--we published her cool President book!) and literacy tips, and have a great time. I was hoping to do a big book signing.  But it does look like we will have preview copies, so everyone can SEE it. And I'm not sure I can compete with Jane Hampton Cook. The book is really good, and a great addition to any grade school classroom curriculum.

What is my book? That doesn't matter, does it? wink, wink.
It is a picture book!

What's it about? Wow, you ask a lot of hard questions!
I have been trying to figure out an easy way to tell you what it's about since I got the email that made me silent for a good whole minute saying they wanted to make an offer. That was last May. (Yeah, they had a hole and turned it around really quickly).

"It's Almost Time" is a hear (literally) HEAR and now book which is about the beauty and anticipation of clocks getting ready to strike at the hour.

Most people smile and say "Great!" and I know they are thinking, "What?" 

Let's try the long explanation. The problem is, it's quicker to read the book then to explain it.  But it's a really cool book, one of a kind, something that children will really enjoy, so make sure you buy it.

There is no "main character". Well sort of, now that an illustrator got a hold of it. You have a cute little horse and an adorable bird. But really, the main character is YOU. You are in my home, listening. You have really, really good ears because you can hear the tick-tock of the clocks... kind of like what I'm hearing now. Listen closely.... Can you hear it...

It's :59 on the hour... the countdown is beginning... the anticipation is starting... it's about to happen

and all the clocks go off at once!

The end, or is it?

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