Friday, April 8, 2011

What I learned from my Dad's trip to the hospital

This isn't about writing, but it is a motivation for future stories. In fact, I have one shaping around my dad as the main character... actually he could make a ton of wonderful stories. He is the ideal adult in a kids tale, a Mr. McGee or a Willy Wonka of sorts in that he is whimsical, full of life and just makes you feel good to be around him. He's not afraid to be a little crazy, and his grandkids are his life.

When we were in Disney World he had a TIA (mini-warning stroke). He ended up in the hospital. I changed my plans to stay back, it was at the end of the trip. Flying home was the calmest I think we'd ever been. Normally my family sort of enjoys the drama, the worrying, the hurry up and wait montage of getting there. We seem to live off the fuel. We are one of the strongest families I know, from Grandpa to grandson and everything in between. But certain things are stressful

It seems like we've had a mind switch. We are no longer in such a hurry. We are enjoying each other even more, and thankful to God that we do have each other. Every moment together is a blessing, something not to ever be forgotten. It is cherished.

Please hug those you love, slow down, and cherish each moment. Then you have something to write. Be it the smell of their shirt, the laughter in their voice, the craziness of hair dancing on their head like a curly cloud...The deep lines of maturity, each one earned by years of generosity and worry, or maybe a simple memory of their arms holding you safely as your cheek feels the sandpaper of his cheek.

Each moment is a gift. Don't take it for granted.

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