Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Your "adult" voice vs your "child" voice

Someone told me I sound like a child. Considering I was working on Children's Lit, I took that as a compliment! But she makes a good point.

My cousin sometimes tells me "I don't like your serious face." She means my adult voice. Yes, it comes out when it has to. I don't enjoy it as much either, but as a mom and avid volunteer, I often do have to be an adult. The scary part is when I can't find my child, and that happens.

Now if you were to call me on the phone, I can promise you will think I'm a 12 year old little girl. I have this perfect high squeaky voice. It's much lower then it used to be, but that, and the fact I have yet to make 5 feet in height makes me appear as a child.

But to write for a child, I have to know what a child would want, think, feel, do....

What do you do when you prepare to write? How do you get in your "child" voice?


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