Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday at SCBWI

Early, early, early!

Such great things were happening all around. Relationships and friendships being built, connections, networking, internal searching, excitement...

"It's for the kids," is at the top of my notes. I think it was a left over thought from the night before... but not sure. But yet, what a truth. We write for the kids. We write to create connections. I write because I want to open imaginations and share stories. I write to explore the world around me. I write because it is who I am. But I write for my kids, and all the others who I hope will be touched somehow by my books.

So, tips:

Stephen Fraser, secret agent man, previously editor..... downright amazing!

Find your stillness within and begin there... Be still and just let the creativity go to work.
You can't rush a work of art...
Follow your whims
Act professionally...

He is the perfect example, he is a gentleman. He creates relationships and builds on them.

And don't ask your real estate lawyer to go over your contract! They'll screw it up! :-D


Most houses have some sort of marketing, some have more then others.
Spend time getting to know your librarians and bookstore owners. But don't push on them your book. Get to know them first.
Stand in the middle of the room if you are shy. You'll meet more people.
Create an author site or blog, but don't try to do it all. Do what you are good at.
Does your book have a nitche? Follow it.
School visits!
Launch parties don't do much (but I plan to have one anyway!)

Candy & Eric presented again. They really are so cute! They shared their stories. It wasn't easy. They both worked hard. It took time. They felt rejection.

Candy gave a great tip:
Find a book you love, and retype it. It will help you to see what works and why!

All in all, I learned so much. If you haven't read my last 2 entries, please do so for more insight to what great things we learned!

Happy writing!

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